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What is Domain and How Domain Work: Everything about Domain

When new bloggers intend to build a website for the first time, and they realize that Domain and Hosting are two major items that are required to build up a complete website, Right at that moment, the First Question that comes to their mind is What Is Domain.

We are often asked by Beginner Bloggers- What is a Domain? why a Domain is so important to Create a Website? How domains work? Can we use a free domain to Start Blogging? and many more.

Positively new bloggers are not familiar with these terms when they Start Blogging, as they are associated with the blogging platform with very limited knowledge. This is not surprising, when I first join the blogger platform I didn’t even know what is a domain, Hosting, SEO, etc.

Most beginner bloggers get distracted between Domain, Hosting, and Websites. If you just started blogging, then all these words may seem like technical terms to you.

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is the address of your Website that visitors can reach your website by searching on Google or any other Search Engines.

Basically, a domain name is a web address, that you type in the URL bar to open a website. That means when you Type Google in your Web Browser, you will be redirected to www.google.com. google.com is the Registered Web address of Google.

Similarly, if you search “The Guide Blogger” on Google, you will be redirected to our official website www.theguideblogger.com.

In simple terms, if your website is your shop, your domain will be your shop address.

Let’s try to understand the domain with some more technical explanations. The Internet is a global network that connects each computer to another computer and each computer is able to connect to another computer for communication.

You may know that every computer has a dedicated IP address. An IP is a number of series, that identifies any computer on the Internet.

Similarly, there are about 1.7 billion websites on the Internet. It is not easy to differentiate each website from the other. Here again, this problem has been solved using the IP addresses. To identify each website, each website has a Dedicated IP address. An IP address will only identify one website.

So now where is the connection between IP address and Domain Name?

If your store name is and your customers forget your Shop IP, then how will they find your Shop in 1.7 billion stores? It can be the IP address of any website.

It’s not easy for an ordinary person to remember the IP addresses of multiple websites at once. If your customers forget the IP addresses of your websites, they will not be able to revisit your website again.

One thing you may have noticed that almost maximum websites have the same Website Title and Domain Name, which actually helps your Customers to find your website.

For the convenience of Internet users, the IP address is redirected to a specific name. For example, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram each website has different IP addresses that we do not use, we know these websites by their Domain name. For this reason, the domain name and title of a website are kept the same.

How Domain Names Actually Works?

Now take a look at how a Domain Name works, this also shows you why domain is a major part of your website.

how domains works

When you open a website in your web browser, Immediately it will first send a request to the Global Network Servers that form the DNS.

These servers will then search the Name servers associated with the domain and forward the request.

Name servers are managed by hosting Companies. once the hosting company receives the request, they will forward the request to Where your website is stored.

The computer that will fetch your website data is called the web-server. These computers are powered by some special type of web-server software like Nginx or Apache.

Finally, the web-server then fetches your web pages and sends them to your users.

Register a Perfect Domain Name for your Business or Blog

I already wrote a separate blog on it where I have explained everything about buying a perfect domain for your Business.

In short, you must consider these special aspects before registering a domain from any domain provider.

Domain Provider Company

Before registering a domain from any domain provider, check the technical support as well as overall reviews of that company.

It is better not to buy a domain from a new company. Try to register domain names from old and trusted Domain Provider companies such as BlueHost, GoDaddy or BigRock, etc.

Use Keywords

Always try to put your primary keyword in your domain name. For example, I created this website to help beginner bloggers, to share my Blogging experience with beginner bloggers.

Have you notice that “Guide Blogger” is associated with “Blogger” keyword, because this website is made for bloggers, and Blogger is the primary keyword for this website.

So overall when you buy a domain name, remember, first Choose a topic of your blog and target a keyword, and try to find the domain name related to that keyword.

Domain Names must be Short and Simple

Never choose complex domain names. Choose simple, concise, interesting, easy to remember names.

First, if you use Keywords then it helps in SEO, and second if your domain name is clear and simple than your visitors can remember your domain name.

Difference between Domain, Website and Hosting

As you may know, Both domain and hosting are the most important part of creating a website, So of course domains and hostings are not the same thing.

If the Domain name is your Shop Address, then the hosting is your Shop Land. That place, where your store accessories are located.

Always remember, your website is located in a virtual land of the internet. and a website consisting of different types of files, images, software, HTML, pages, and more.

You cannot store these files on your computer, to access these files and run your entire website, you need a special type of computer. These are known as servers.

When you are buying hosting from a hosting provider company, actually you are buying a small part of these servers, where your entire website will be stored. When someone visits your website, the web-server sends the request in this server to Fatch your website data.

Different Types of Domain Names

If we look closely, you can easily understand that a complete domain URL is divided into three parts.
The first part is the www, that is world-wide-web, the middle part is the actual domain name, where mainly we use keywords or company or blog name, and the last part is called Domain extension.

Domain extensions are varied depending on your use. There are different types of extensions are available such as .com, .org, .net, and more. But overall of these extensions, the widely used domain extension is .com domain extension, which is actually a top-level domain.

If it’s a bit complicated, let’s make it simple. Depending on the use of Domain extensions are divided into three parts sections.

TLD – Top-Level Domain

TLD domain or the Top-Level Domains are the universal domain extensions. There are hundreds of Top-Level Domains are available, but the most famous extensions are .com, .org and .net.

Other Top-Level Domain extensions like .info, .club, .biz, But, my recommendation is to use a .com extension, instead of these extensions.

sTLDSponsored Top-Level Domain

Sponsored top-level domains indicate specific communities. for example, all types of government websites use .gov, organizations or companies use .org. and Educational related websites such as Schools, Institutes, Colleges use .edu domain extensions.

ccTLDCountry Code Top Level Domain

Country Code top-level domain is a specific country targeting domain extension. For example, if you are creating a website for just a specific country, then you can use country code top-level domains.

So if you are planning to build a website in the Hindi language, then you can use “.in” extension, which will target India, as well as “.uk” for the United Kingdom, and “.de” for Germany.

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